Become a Nonsmoker!

What happens when you smoke?

Do you hide from your colleagues, your boss, your parents, your spouse or from your children? Do you feel shame? Do you cough all the time? Do your clothes stink, do you worry about your health, with feelings of fear and guilt? Do you feel out of control, manipulated and weak? Do you feel like a failure? Do you stress out if you are going somewhere where you won’t be able to have one stupid cigarette? What about lung cancer, what do you think that will be like? Do you fear having a heart attack?

Are you ready to begin a new way of thinking, to focus your attention on the positive things in your life, and no longer spend your precious time and energy worrying about all that junk?

There’s a reason that this has been difficult for you. It’s not just a matter of putting them down. I know that – I was a smoker for over twenty years myself. I tried unsuccessfully to hide it from people. I also know that going this alone is a tough, isolating experience and that it doesn’t have to be that way.
Hypnosis works.

My smoking cessation package is 325.
Here’s how it goes:

Smoking cessation includes three sessions the first session is called the intake. This is a question and answer only session that usually takes from 60-90 minutes total. We’ll talk all about smoking and how the habit works for you. (And doesn’t work!) I send you home with homework to complete during the week and you continue to be a smoker for the next week.

The second session, scheduled about a week later, is the hypnotherapy session. That session will last around one hour and you will leave that session as a nonsmoker! I’ll send you home with a CD of the session for you to listen to for continued follow-up support. (Very important!)

The third session is reserved for you for whatever, whenever you want it. Some come back for a little nonsmoking refresher, some come back for a completely different challenge (test taking, insomnia, positive thinking, nail-biting, sports performance, etc.) and some choose to not come back at all.



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